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BACK TO THE WORLD is a cultural review site created in 2010 by Carl Wilson, Chris Randle and Margaux Williamson that has more recently turned into a project group.

Our most recent project is a cultural matchmaking project connecting people across disciplines, ages and scenes who we think might have ideas and experiences to share with each other.

A few years ago, we had an event to mark our blog's 100,000th word. On stage, we matched up Toronto artists Ryan Kamstra (musician and poet) and Alex Lukashevsky (musician) to talk about writing songs not like a man, Jon McCurley (actor and artist) and Michael McManus (actor) to talk about acting and Shary Boyle (visual artist) and Jordan Tannahill (theatre and filmmaker) to talk about fantasy lands. The transcript of Shary and Jordan's conversation can be read here.

The talks were so interesting that we thought we should try to arrange for more to see what other fruitful points of relation may be found among other people in culture. Some of these conversations will be shared in a collection.